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Heavy Wall Orbital Pipe Welding

Customer Case Study - MTI Power has the ability to weld with a Narrow Groove or a Conventional Groove Orbital Machine GTAW process, and has successfully completed numerous hot reheat pipe replacement projects.

The pipe material was P-22 (2. chrome / 1-moly) and was either 38" OD x 1.8" wt or 29" OD x 1.6" wt. The welds were in the 2-G (vertical) or 5-G (horizontal) positions with some in limited access environments.
During the second project MTI completed a total of 14 standard groove welds and 14 narrow groove welds. Once the project was completed the customer stated he would choose to perform all of the welds using the narrow groove joint design because of the quality and speed.
MTI Power has completed its fth Hot Reheat/Cold Reheat Replacement Project for a single client. The last project work scope totaled 53 welds, the majority of which were narrow groove joint designs.
At the completion of the job our customer stated: "I was very satised with the performance of your organization during the installation/welding of the Hot Reheat Piping System. Your eld sta performed their scope of work accident free and in a quality manner. Your supervisor and his group were able to work in a very congested area. They were able to quickly deal with magnetized weld joints at each Reheat Intercept Valve and produce very clean radiographs. Feel free to use me as a reference if you like. I'll give you the highest recommendation based on your performance."

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