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Steam Chest Replacement

Customer Case Study - In 2007 and 2008 MTI was contracted to perform all machining and welding in conjunction with the replacement of a steam chest at a fossil plant in Wisconsin. All welding was performed with the orbital GTAW machine welding process. Prior to installation on site, MTI manually welded  each side of the steam chest to stop valve.  These two welds were 20" OD x 5.25" wt. 

The pipe welds on site were:
Pipe Size Qty Welds
25.75" OD x 6.375" wt
10.75" OD x 2.185" wt
8.629" OD x 1.720" wt
10.75" OD x 2.185" wt

All pipe material was 2¼ chrome / 1-moly.

The first two pictures are MTI welders operating orbital pipe welding equipment on site during The installation of the new steam chest.  
The bottom two pictures show MTI technicians manually welding the stop valve to the steam chest.  

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