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Machining Services & Equipment

In the Shop, In the Field is MTI's critical path strategy - which provides the equipment and service customers demand. Our technicians are highly motivated professional machinists who can not only manufacture products, but can also operate them on a job. Expert advice about machining comes directly to local site personnel from supervisors and experienced machinists who have seen it all.

When it comes to low clearance, tight tolerance machining - cutting, beveling, counter boring or flange facing - MTI split frames and ID Machines are an obvious choice. MTI maintains a large inventory of equipment. 1" through 110" diameter;

  • Pipe Cutting
  • Bevelling
  • Counterboring
  • Stuck Stud Removal
  • Weld Excavation
  • Thin Wall High Purity
  • Heavy Wall, Compound Bevels
  • Pipe Slitting
  • Boiler Tube Machining
  • Chipless Cutting (FME)
  • Hole Boring; Gamma Plugs, Thermowells
  • Large Diameter Vessels
  • Destructive Cutting