People and Products for specialty machining and welding. Learn More.

People and Products for Specialty Machining and Welding

MTI Power provides service and products for on-site, specialty welding and machining. Projects often involve critical cutting and welding in pipe repair and replacement. MTI offers the most highly trained personnel in the business and claims a 100% track record in field service projects. MTI's legendary "unstoppable" split frames and ID Machines are renowned for their performance in the field.

Turnkey Power Plant Support
MTI has concentrated its efforts in the specialty machining and welding business. We understand the challenges and inherent risks utilities and contractors face in their work. Our experience in the field and specialized knowledge enables customers to minimize risk and maximize efficiency - which means less down time.

Safety & Integrity
Daily safety meetings, pre-job briefings, attention to detail and a Safety First philosophy has benefitted our customers and employees alike. MTI methodologies and standards have consistently yielded low (under 1.0) EMR ratings, protecting the customer's interest and the safety of all employees. Customers trust MTI Power to do the job right.