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Specials / Engineering

MTI has a heritage of ingenuity and invention that goes back 30 years - back to George Sandora, the founder of MTI Power (and one of the progenitors of the modern split frame). Here are some of the solutions we've come up with for our customers.

  • NEW! Outside Mount Elliptical Manway
  • NEW! SocketMaster
  • NEW! PipeMaster
  • Contouring Slide
  • Chipless Cutting (FME)
  • Adjustable Dovetail Split Frame Legs
  • Sole Plate Machining & Facing+
  • Stub Tube Replacement
  • Socket Weld Removal
  • O-Ring Groover and Flange Facer
  • Split Frame Set-up for Hole Drilling & Boring
  • Spring Slides for Out-of-Round Pipe
  • Pipe Slitting
  • Spring Slides for Split Frames
  • 6" Tube Socket Machine
  • O-Ring Groover and Flange Facer
  • Plate Facing Machine
  • Taurus Ring Removal Machine
  • Solid Ring Machines
  • Heavy Boring Machine
  • OD machine for hole drilling and boring
  • Weld excavation
  • Seal Weld Removal / Trepanner