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Specials / Engineering

MTI has a heritage of ingenuity and invention that goes back 30 yrs - back to George Sandora, the founder of MTI Power and one of the progenitors of the split frame.
Here are some solutions we've come up with for our customers.

  • NEW! Outside Mount Elliptical Manway
  • NEW! SocketMaster
  • NEW! Triple Threat
  • NEW! The Johnny Neutron
  • Contouring Slides
  • Chipless Cutting (FME)
  • Adjustable Dovetail Split Frame Legs
  • Sole Plate Machining & Facing+
  • Stub Tube Replacement
  • Socket Weld Removal
  • O-Ring Groover and Flange Facer
  • Split Frame Set-up for Hole Drilling & Boring
  • Spring Slides for Out-of-Round Pipe
  • Pipe Slitting
  • Spring Slides for Split Frames
  • 6" Tube Socket Machine
  • O-Ring Groover and Flange Facer
  • Plate Facing Machine
  • Taurus Ring Removal Machine
  • Solid Ring Machines
  • Heavy Boring Machine
  • OD machine for hole drilling and boring
  • Weld excavation
  • Seal Weld Removal / Trepanner