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Special Projects

Cracking on Turbine Inlet Sleeves - MTI has developed fast and accurate methodology for repair of these difficult to access nozzle/sleeve fixtures. MTI Machines were specially designed to quick mount while still maintaining the ability to fine adjust for critically accurate cutting/machining. Depending on the situation, ID Machines can be used.  Material is often P91, and the welding repair on these units is critical. Indicators are mounted, and a  special welding technique is employed to accommodate movement insuring that the final welds are square and straight.

Steam Chest Replacement -  MTI worked with the customer to support them at their fabrication shop and on-site during the install.  The fabrication stage of the project was  done manual ly (4" - 5" wall ), welding each side of the steam chest to the stop valve. The install stage involved heavy wall, narrow groove welding of the Throttle/Control valves (2¼ chrome/1-moly). All of these welds were shot and passed inspection.

Ball Valve Surfaces degrading and flaking - MTI worked with the customer's material engineers and the valve manufacturer to overlay stainless surfaces with several layers of alloys including Stellite.

Hot Reheat - pipe replacement project. The pipe material was P-22 (2¼